About The Artist

Passion Painting

Kay Frances majored in art and music at the University of New Mexico.

“Music is as important to me as my visual art. I have a music coach that pushes me to preforming new and advanced classical music. In my mind the more difficult the better. My love of music and appreciation for the beauties of nature are trans-formative and ever present in my personal space both in business and in art. Everything I create I feel on a personal level because my strong affinity for aesthetics and beauty felt deeply in my emotion core. The community of humanity is why we are here and why we continue to thrive. 

My personal goal isn’t fame or wealth but to be known for my sincere heart felt expression of love and beauty. My personal inspiration comes from my gratefulness for friends and customers and my love of family. Each and every one of us has their own gift to share with the world and I count myself extremely blessed to be a part of this community and in this land of enchantment, celebrating life’s precious moments with special people I love.

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