Our Story

Kay Frances

Kay Frances personal mantra is “do no harm and every day in every way spread the healing power of loves energy to everyone”.

For over thirty years Kay worked carving waxes designs for over two hundred international companies. Kay is an accomplished master jewelry designer, working with materials such as
gold, platinum, diamonds and precious and semi-precious stones.

“Under the giant 70-foot Sycamore and Cottonwood trees in my north valley studio and escape. I can take a breath and fill the world release my soul. I can experience the fresh air and solitude, listening to the native sounds of the sand hill cranes and Canadian geese passing by and visiting our orchard, grape vineyard and in fall the corn field planted exclusively for them. I can apply
the paint the colors from the emotions of my heart on the newly stretched canvas. “

Kays unique talent allows her to simultaneously envision her client’s raw ideas and imagination and then bring forth a pencil sketch as the client describes their thoughts. Then as if she is preforming magic, she carves out of a block of wax the abstract thoughts into reality.

“The canvas is my personal refuge that allows me to go inside myself and, in that moment, I experience a world filled with love, peace, joy and harmony. With this loving earth spirit, I find
tolerance for everyone”

Herkermer Rodriguez

Herk qualifies as local, he was born, raised and educated in Albuquerque. Herk met Kay Frances when he was on the Sandia High School football team. One of his team mates is Kay Frances’s son, Ben. Several years later Herk was employed by Romero Jewelers as a trainee. When he caught the bug to make expression of love through jewelry as art. 

Herk convinced Kay Frances to provide him an opportunity as an apprentice’s carver. Herk has a sincere desire to exercise and master the art. Herk has expressed that learning to carve a small piece to scale has given him confidence to create jewelry as sculpture. 

The old traditional pieces of gold and turquoise and the new modern pieces are always a delightful challenge. Herk expressed his true and fond emotions connection to Kay Frances and her graciousness and how her genuine personality helped to bring his talent to the surface. 

If you come to the shop you don’t find machine manufactured jewelry. You find artist’s willing to invest their time in creating uniquely personal works of art for their client’s own private satisfaction. 

Working in a loving nurturing place filled with life and living things and the gift of music. A custom jewelry place where we put people before profit, is very satisfying and healthy surrounding.

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